Maximus HD™

Light done Right.

Innovating upon traditional enclosures—our new lightweight, tier-rated enclosures provide the same performance as polymer concrete delivered at half the weight. These composite enclosures allow for safer handling, improved transportation and storage efficiency.


A specially formulated composite blend provides unmatched strength—delivering Tier 15 and Tier 22 performance.


Less than half the weight of traditional polymer concrete—these enclosures provide safer handling and installation.


The unique flared design allows the units to be stacked for shipment and storage— as well as provide more interior working space.


The composite blend allows this product to be resilient—resistant to chipping and cracking seen in traditional enclosures.

Spec Sheets

Product Description Size Depths
Maximus™ HD 1212
Nesting, Rectangular Enclosure
12" x 12"
12", 24"
Maximus™ HD 1730
Rectangular, Nesting Enclosure
17" x 30"
Maximus™ HD 2436
Rectangular, Nesting Enclosure
24" x 36"
Maximus™ HD 3048
Rectangular, Nesting Enclosure
30" x 48"