Executive Team

Scott Genovesi

Chief Executive Officer

Scott started his career in precasting directly out of college, learning the industry from the ground up by working on both the sales and production sides for one of the largest building materials companies in the world. In 2015, Scott leveraged nearly a decade of experience and launched his own concrete precast company, serving primarily the HVAC and electrical markets. Finding quick success in traditional concrete, the next step in Scott's plan was always to make a name for himself in polymers. Under Scott's leadership, APC has grown at warp speed and is continually adding new products and capacity to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace. Despite the administrative demands resulting from such growth, Scott remains committed to the commercial side of the business, focusing his efforts on sales, product development, and expansion.


University of Florida, B.S. - Building Construction

Process & Materials Background

Precasting, construction, traditional concrete, polymer concrete, derivatives

Sean Dvoran

Chief Operating Officer

Sean started out in the aerospace industry, directing the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft engines, before entering the manufacturing world. After his pivot to precasting, Sean initially worked in operations and quickly ascended through the ranks, eventually landing in mergers and acquisitions and the concomitant disciplines of business development and integration, operating both domestically and internationally. It was this experience that prepared Sean to launch and grow a complex, multi-site operation and overcome the challenges presented by an increasingly complicated economic and business climate. As Chief Operating Officer, Sean is involved in just about everything at APC, overseeing the coordination of nearly all departments and driving business development. Having an engineering background, Sean is also uniquely qualified to lead technical product development, production process, materials science, and supply chain management.


University of Texas at Austin, M.B.A.

Florida International University, B.S. - Civil Engineering

Process & Materials Background

Precasting, molding, plastics, traditional concrete, polymer concrete, derivatives

Ryan E. Wiborg, Esq.

Chief Financial Officer & General Counsel

Unfulfilled by the workaday grind in corporate law, Ryan found refuge in the dynamic world of manufacturing, starting in plastics compounding and extrusion. Quickly recognizing an aptitude for problem solving and outside-the-box thinking, Ryan grew his family's then-small PVC business by over 30x in just ten years through both organic growth and acquisitions. Seeking a diversification in product lines and new opportunities, Ryan partnered with Scott in 2015 and together they opening their first precast plant in Miami. Ryan's experience in polymer compounding and global petrochemicals markets facilitated a natural segue from traditional concrete to polymer casting and molding, while his formal training in law and finance lend to him to wearing multiple hats on the administrative side, serving as General Counsel concurrently with his role as CFO. Ryan oversees finance, accounting, legal, and organizational planning for four separate plants across two industries.


Vanderbilt University, J.D.

University of Florida, B.S.B.A. - Finance

Materials & Process Background

Compounding, extrusion/co-extrusion, precasting, thermoplastics, traditional concrete